weekly 'Meat' ups

Can't come to us? We come to you!

We currently have meet ups in several areas surrounding our farm. 

We are always looking for new hosts and places to ‘meat up’! See below for more information!

Have your order in by 24 hrs prior. We only go if we have pre-orders! Make sure you order if you want to meet us!

We are looking for hosts!

Host a Meat Up & Get Discounts!

Do you love locally grown, pasture raised, non-GMO fed meats and eggs; local produce and other goods offered by Bynum Family Farm? Do you have friends that do too? You Should Host a Meat Up!

How it works

You choose a location- at your house, neighborhood, or local park! 

Get 10 or more people to order $75 or more!

That’s it!!

Perks: You’ll receive 20% off your order. Your friends will get 5% off their orders! No delivery fees! You and all your friends will have easy access to local food!

Interested in becoming a host or just want to see a ‘meat up’ near you? Let us know!