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Preorder HENS - Ready to Lay Red Sex Link Brown Egg Layers- 17 weeks old

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Novogen- Brown Egg Layer— high production!!

Ready to lay!

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Bynum Family Farm 1316 White Oak River Rd. Maysville, NC 28555
Delivery available for $10 within 20 miles of Maysville, NC 28555
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Delivery available for $1 per loaded mile within 41-80 miles of Maysville, NC 28555

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About Novogen Brown Egg Layers:
*If big brown eggs—and lots of them—are what you want, then you want Novogen Brown Egg-Layer chickens. At their peak, these egg-laying champs produce at 93-95%. Add this to their superior ability to adapt to any number of environments (from housing to free-range), and you’ve got a near-perfect egg-laying chicken.
**The Novogen Brown chicken is a Red Sex Link developed in France, resulting from a cross between the Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White.
***By 20 weeks of age, a Novogen hen is already laying eggs at 50% of her maximum yield. And during her first 72 weeks of production, she will lay a total of 395 large to extra-large, dark-brown eggs with thick shells. This breed is calm with excellent feed conversion (meaning they convert chicken feed to eggs at a highly efficient rate).
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