BFF Bi-Weekly Farm Box- Variety from our farm!

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This box will contain a mixture of pastured meats (chicken, turkey, pork), fresh eggs, and seasonal produce, all from our farm!! This is a monthly box. Choose your size (Small, Medium or Large). Your first order will come with a BFF insulated bag!

Small 1-2 people | Medium 3-4 people | Large 5+

Weights are based on availability- we don’t always have produce so more meat will be included during that time. 

Small: Eggs, 4-6 lbs of meat and 2-3 lbs of produce

Medium: Eggs, 8-12 lbs of meat and 3-5 lbs

Large: Eggs, 15-17 lbs of meat and 4-6 lbs produce

This is a bi-weekly subscription - your card will be automatically charged every two weeks hereafter.

We fill these orders twice per month- the first and third weeks. Your order will be filled on the next fulfillment week.

If you choose delivery- we will contact you to let you know what delivery day to expect. Please place a cooler on your porch on your delivery day.

If you choose pickup- You can pickup at the Market at Cedar Point on the first and third Saturday of each month. You can pickup on the farm on the first and third Monday of each month.

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