A Family Tradition

Generations of farmers sowed the seeds of passion that are blooming in our hearts.

Pastured Poultry + Eggs

Our Chickens are raised on pasture with loads of bugs and sunlight.

Our Promises.

1- We seek to glorify God in all that we do and to provide healthier food for our family and community.

2- Our animals live a happy life out in the sunshine on fresh grass.

3- Our animals are humanely raised and processed.

4- We use only North Carolina grown and freshly milled Non-GMO feed. Our meat is hormone, steroid and antibiotic free.

5- We will strive to utilize more regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices and to minimize the use of chemicals. 

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our happy hens enjoy lots of sunshine and munch on grass, bugs, oyster shells and black oil sunflower seeds. They also get our Non-GMO layer feed, which is grown and milled by a NC Farmer. They spend their days playing and scratching around!

Pasture Raised Chicken + Turkey

Moved to fresh pasture each and every day, our birds munch on bugs and grass and have so much fun! We feed our birds non-GMO feed, grown in milled in NC. 

Pasture + Forest Raised Pork

Moved between grass and wooded areas, our pigs live a happy life. We feed them non-GMO feed, grown in milled in NC.

Fresh Seasonal Produce

We grow produce as naturally as possible,, always using Non-GMO seeds and practicing regenerative and sustainable farming. We try to bring the soil to a better place than it was when we started. 

We grow an acre of Strawberries in the spring and offer Y’all Pick, as well as ready to eat berries.


Our Values.

Our mission is simple really. To cultivate life and goodness not only to provide for our family, but also for the community. From the traditions of both of our families, we derive a new way of farming. This old farm was a dairy farm. Our families raised cows, pigs, hay, tobacco and eventually commercially farmed big crops.

 Hard work and passion is passed down from generations. It’s truly a family tradition. Loving people. Helping people. Treating our animals and land with respect. And building a life worth passing on to another generation. 


 Our Family + Farm.


This old farm. It was a dairy farm under Josh’s Grandpa. Before that, it was a pig farm. Now, it is being reborn. 

Joshua and Kristina both originated up White Oak River Road, right where they are farming now. After high school, they both attended East Carolina University. Joshua commissioned into the Air Force and they spent the last 10 years traveling the globe.

They have four little ones who love to dig in the dirt and love on the animals

They are embarking on the journey of a lifetime, reviatlizing the old family farm.

A Note From Joshua + Kristina

We feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to farm the family farm. We’ve always dreamed of farming, but didn’t think it would ever be possible.

The idea that we can take something that’s been commerically farmed or largely ignored for so many years and rejuvinate it, cultivating our own ideals for food produced largely without chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics.

We wanted to know where our food came from. We desired food that would nourish our bodies and to live a life that would feed our souls. Bringing this old farm back to life is a journey worth traveling.

Our desire is to serve the Lord by serving and loving our community, the people and place we call home.

Josh & Kristina Bynum

From the Farmers.

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Shop Local

Shop Local

As we approach the holiday season, remember to keep it local.

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Our First Eat Local Dinner!

Our First Eat Local Dinner!

What an absolute pleasure and blessing it was to be able to come together as a community for the Eat Local Dinner this past Sunday. It has been a part of our dream and vision since we began farming and we are just so thankful to everyone who played a part in making it...

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You’ve got questions.

We’ve got answers.

What do your chickens eat?

Our chickens eat bugs and grass and anything they can find on pasture, along with yummy finds from the compost. They also eat North Carolina grown and milled, Non-GMO feed.

Where can I buy your food?

Online- Order online for pick up, drop off or delivery.

On the Farm- Store coming soon! For now, please message us prior to coming by. We are available most days!

We do weekly ‘meat’ ups in surrounding areas. Check the link in the footer for this week’s locations!

What other animals do you have?

We always have hens, goats, pigs and bunnies. We keep broiler chickens from February to November and turkeys from the summer through Thanksgiving.

Do you use chemicals?

As much as possible, we use natural fertilizers such as manure, coffee grounds, blood meal and organic fertilizers. 

Our goal is to do things as naturally as possible! We do not use hard core herbicides and pesticides on our pastures or our produce. 

We always grow Non-GMO produce. 

What does Pasture-Raised mean?

Our broilers are on pasture 24/7 after they are fully feathered. They are in spacious mobile coops that are moved every day. They often hop out of the mobile coop and scratch for bugs!

Our hens are in a large pasture with a mobile coop. They are moved regularly to new grasses.

The pigs are moved between pastures and wooded areas. 

Pasture-Rasied simply means that our animals are on fresh grass. We often move animals to different pastures, paddocks or wooded areas. This not only keeps the animals happy and safe, it also provides many benefits for the land itself. We seek to be good stewards of both the land and the animals under our care.