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Rock bottom prices!

Unfortunately, Bynum Family Farm is closing down. We are deeply saddened by this, but it was not avoidable. We still have a lot of pork in stock, so we have reduced our prices to well below cost in order to move it quickly.

Please consider buying in bulk, Since once it's gone, it's Gone. We will likely throw in some extras for you.

We are so grateful for the support That you all have shown to us for these past four years. It's been a journey we will not Soon forget.

Love y'all

-Kristina Bynum


If you were a subscription customer who is owed a box, a refund or needs to process your last payment, please contact Kristina today at (910) 330-1590. We so appreciate your support through the years and will miss being your farmers. 

Current Pick Ups

Farm Pick up

Simply choose the date and time, drive to the farm, and we will meet you with your order!

Deliveries & Meat Ups

It’s simple! Place your order & put a cooler on the porch on your designated day and we will deliver! Or ‘meat up’ with us!

No longer available -Subscriptions

Our subscription boxes are packed at the start of each month. You can choose delivery or pickup!

Our Farm

We wanted to be more in control of the food we ate. We weren’t happy with the quality and selection at the grocery store and wanted something better.

So we decided we would do things differently.

1- We seek to glorify God in all that we do and to provide healthier food for our family and community.

2- Our animals live a happy life out in the sunshine on fresh grass.

3- Our animals are humanely raised and processed.

4- We use only North Carolina grown and freshly milled Non-GMO feed. Our meat is hormone, steroid and antibiotic free.

5- We will strive to utilize more regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices and to minimize the use of chemicals. 

 It doesn’t get much better than this! Locally grown, pasture raised, as fresh as can be!